Nicki Minaj is experienced in the spotlight. She knows all her best angles and has posed in countless photo-shoots since the beginning of her career. Decades of attention have taught her how to look her best at all times. Her husband, Kenneth Petty, is not so seasoned. He only recently became a celebrity and, even still, he doesn’t seem to love the camera as much as his wife does. 

Despite appearing in a photo gallery posted to Nicki’s Instagram page this week, Kenny is getting the chop treatment mere days later with the rapper shamelessly cropping him out of her picture, explaining why on Twitter.

An updated version of one of Nicki’s pictures with Kenny was posted on the microblogging site, but there’s a notable omission: Kenny himself.

“If I look cute in the pic and u don’t u gettin cropped & it’s gettin posted,” wrote Nicki as her caption. “Perrr. I’m not the 1 I’m da 2.” 

Her amusing antics netted her upwards of 31,000 retweets and 219,000 likes. The solo picture, while awkwardly only featuring Petty’s arm which she grabs onto, seems to be doing numbers, so maybe it was in her best interest to crop him out?

Nicki has been remarkably more active on social media than usual. This year, with the birth of her son, she’s been chilling on the social media front, posting every once in a while as she selectively hops onto new feature verses, like the one she did for Mike Will Made-It’s “What That Speed Bout!?

Would you crop your partner out of a picture if it meant more engagement?