There isn’t room for any hate in Boosie Badazz‘s heart for people who have acquired more wealth and success than himself. We live in a competitive culture, especially in the entertainment industry, as creatives attempt to come up with inventive and innovative ways to climb the highest, travel the farthest, make the most money, acquire the most followers, get the most views, and break the most records. This level of competition can often lead to critics and haters coming out from every corner to dismantle someone’s accomplishments, but for Boosie Badazz, he sees those who have more than himself as motivators to do and be better.

“People who have more than me, I’m happy for them,” said Boosie. “You are my motivation, n*gga. You know. And God ain’t gon’ bless the motherf*ckers who hate on the motherf*ckers he blessed. People not happy for the people who have it. You not happy? You gotta be happy for the Beyoncé. You gotta be happy for the Jay-Z. A lot of people are not happy for the ones who have it. They’re not looking at them as motivation. They’re looking at them as opps.”

Boosie told the story of when he first left Louisiana and went to Georgia, Rick Ross invited him to his palacious estate. After the visit, Boosie said it motivated him to get into “full grind mode.” He added, “When I saw with my own eyes what a Black man could have, it was straight motivation.” Listen to Boosie share his thoughts below.