For those of you who were looking forward to those forthcoming documentaries about Bow Wow and Romeo Miller’s careers, you may have to wait a tad bit longer. Throughout the year, both artists were mentioned by fans as a perfect pair for Verzuz, but neither rapper wanted to add their name to the popular series. Then, in August, Romeo suggested that he and Bow were partnering to create documentaries about their music careers—a rise that began when they were both small children.

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Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

“For the culture, instead of a versuz I already hit Bow Wow @shadmoss to do a documentary, side by side reminiscing on our historic young careers together. Stay tuned and this is how we celebrate each other. God is real,” Romeo said at the time. While some might have believed that this was a solid announcement, Bow Wow clarified the status of the project with a fan who asked if it was still moving forward.

“He REACHED OUT. Nothing signed. No deals made,” said Bow Wow. “A dm convo bout it. But i wish him the best. Hes smart and he knows what he tryna do in life. I can never hate on the next brotha. Thats real.” Those Millers know how to make moves so if they want it done, they’ll make a way.