Ceraadi Effortlessly Blends Hip Hop & R&B On “#GRWM” EP Ft. DDG

It’s been a little over a year since Roc Nation duo Ceraadi shared their Ceraadi’s Playlist EPand fans of the sisters—Emaza and Saiyr Gibson—have been pestering them about new releases. They’ve shared singles “Favorite” and most recently “BFF,” but the ladies are ready to have their moment to demand their place in the Hip Hop-R&B scene. On Friday (October 23), Ceraadi shared their seven-track project #GRWM, an acronym that translates to Get Ready With Me. The sisters recently spoke to us about their record, describing #GRWM as a project that has “different messages for women” but also makes room for the fellas to vibe, as well.

“Hip Hop evolved—like it’s literally not like how it used to be anymore—I think people need to do the same for R&B,” said Emaza. “I definitely feel like R&B has a stronger root, though… I think people should be more open to new R&B. R&B [has been] more of a traditional genre [whereas] Hip Hop is more experimental.” Stream #GRWM by Ceraadi and listen to the two artists color outside of the R&B lines.


1. BFF
2. Favorite
3. She’s Ain’t Me ft. DDG
4. On God
5. Out My Face
6. Red Button
7. Secure The Bag

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