Verse Simmonds Blast Kanye West, Akon And His Brother Bu For Shady Business Practices

Jada Kingdom’s boyfriend, Verse Simmonds, went ballistic on Akon and his brother Abou “Bu” Thiam over money owed to him.

In a lengthy message posted on his Instagram page, Verse Simmonds shared a DM that Bu sent him telling him that Kanye West wants to work with him. The producer noted that he and Bu have been battling it out in court for four years and haven’t been on speaking terms, so he was rather surprised when he got the message. He also took a jab at Kanye West for his ties to the record exec while preaching about artists owning their masters.

“I have a real question. how is #KANYEWEST tryna help artist get their masters back while his right hand man [Abou “Bu” Thiam] has the some of the worst contracts & does some of the most shady business in the music industry ?!Like how is that a thing?” Simmonds wrote. “Since I did business in 2011 with Bu I have yet to get my muf***in money!”

Verse also pointed out that he wrote and produced several big hits for the label but he never received a dollar for them. “Imagine writing songs like ‘New flame’ @chrisbrownofficial ft @usher and @richforever , love more ft @nickiminaj , drunk texting ft @jheneaiko , songs on 12 play ft @treysongz,” he wrote. “Every record I just named is gold or better! Now think about how much money that is that was stolen from me! And I’m not no 5-10% writer!. every record I controlled the majority of the publishing!”

Verse Simmonds stressed that he has been in court to get his money for years and still no resolution. He then took aim at Akon, saying he is no better than his brother when it comes to shady business practices. “I’ve been in court for the past 3-4 years tryna get this guy to even make a settlement but him and his lawyers have been dodging me!” Verse continues. “It’s crazy how these type of scammers like Bu will make u feel like real brothers.then disappear when the money hits!.his brother @akon is no better!.them niggas play good cop bad cop.I’ve been quite about this for so long still out of respect but why?! Cause these niggas don’t respect me!”

All of this is potentially shaping up to be a major legal showdown because, per a DM that Verse shared from someone in Bu’s camp, the record exec is considering taking legal actions for defamation. It appears that he is outrighting, denying all the allegations shared by Verse Simmonds, who is now saying that he is ready to go to court. “I tell the truth and that’s defamation??” the rapper/producer wrote in another post. “So u get to not pay me for years!!drag me for years!! not account for any of the money that u own me .. dodge me and my lawyer .. I lose mad opportunities behind it ..btw! all I ever did was treat u like a brother.. never did no fuck shit to u.. but u want to say it’s defamation once I speak on it?!”

“I been tryna get you in a courtroom for years anyway! So cool! Let’s get it! The snakes get mad once the grass is cut huh! FOH,” he continues.

It seems that Akon also sent Verse Simmonds a DM asking him to call him, but there’s a good chance that cool didn’t happen. In one DM that he sent to Akon, he asked the rap icon if he talked to his brother to hash things out. However, Akon never responded, and that message was sent from March 26 of this year.

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